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Flatbed shipping is the preferred way to transport loads that are not easily transported in an enclosed dry van. The advantage to a flatbed trailer is that it may be loaded from the sides, from the top or from behind. Flatbed trailers are the most versatile trailer when it comes to transporting your equipment or cargo.

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Dry van shipping is the most common type of freight transportation in the US. It has no temperature control and is designed to carry pallets or boxes of cargo and any type of equipment. Trailer specifications and configurations are standard in the industry with vans measuring either 48’ L x 96”/102” W or 53‘ L x 102” W.

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Removable Gooseneck is used for moving heavy equipment and has a variety of other uses. The RGN is also known as a Lowboy and a Double Drop Deck with detachable deck. The neck of this trailer will detach allowing the front of the trailer to become a ramp. Oversized loads are often transported with an RGN, since they come in many different configurations that can accommodate the weight and size of larger loads.

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Step Deck Trailers also known as drop deck are very similar to a standard flatbed trailer. However, these trailers are ideal for moving equipment that is above the legal height. Step Deck trailers are also useful with ramps to load equipment that can be driven onto the trailer. Step Deck (Drop Deck) can carry freight up to 10’2” high.

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LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload, which means the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck. An LTL freight shipment is typically palletized and ranges anywhere from 150 lbs to 10,000 lbs. Large Shipments over 10,000 lbs are usually moved by Full truckload (FTL).

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A Curtainside is basically a flatbed with an upper structure mounted to the flatbed as a tarping system,the sides are movable curtains that give easy access to the cargo.

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When a flatbed trailer is insufficient due to the shipment being too tall, wide or heavy, a heavy haul trucking method is your only option. Heavy haul trucking, also commonly called: superload, oversize, overweight or over dimensional, is explained below.

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Double Drop Deck has an upper deck in the front and a deck in the rear. The middle of the trailer is often referred to as the well. These trailers are useful for transporting over height loads. Double Drop: Can carry freight up to 11’6” high

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The refrigerated van or “reefer” has an insulated food grade sophisticated refrigeration system built onto the trailertrailer. The refrigerated trailer is designed to transport perishable foods or other commodities that require temperature controlled transport.

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